HIPAA Compliance

Achieve – Illustrate – Maintain

Compliancy Made Easy

CompliancyGuard helps you to achieve, illustrate and maintain HIPAA, HITECH & Ominbus compliance, in one simple solution.  There are many different approaches to addressing HIPAA compliancy, many of which are complicated and costly.  CompliancyGuard is low cost, straight forward, easy to implement, easy to use…and it works.

Costing only a fraction of what some pay for consultants to address compliancy issues, CompliancyGuard provides you a template to develop your practice’s HIPAA Policy and Procedures standards. Then all you have to do is simply respond to regular electronic notifications that will help you become compliant and remain compliant. CompliancyGuard will not only prompt you to perform self audits, but it will also prompt you to address HIPAA compliancy on every front including federal regulation changes, staff training, and ongoing attestation documentation. Our solution includes HIPAA coaches to assist you in the process.

Simple, Affordable, Effective

  • Designed by auditors and privacy/security professionals.
  • Cost effective
  • Precautionary self-auditing
  • Identify gaps that need remediation
  • Protect from privacy and security risks
  • Document and version control
  • Cloud Based
  • Training and attestations tracking
  • HIPAA coaches to assist you
  • Auto updates of Federal regulations
  • Everyday tool to maintain compliance
  • HIPAA compliance policy and procedures template
  • HIPAA hotline

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