ICD-10 Ready


The long awaited ICD-10 transition is upon us. The changes are extensive with an increase from 13,000 ICD-9 codes to over 68,000 ICD-10 codes on October 1, 2015.

Yet there is one more change, sort of… Medicare is extending a one year “grace period” starting Oct. 1. For twelve months, Medicare will not deny physician or other practitioner claims billed under the “Part B” Physician Fee Schedule through complex medical record review based solely on specificity of diagnosis code as long as the physician/practitioner used a valid code from the right ICD-10 “family” (or category).

If you breathed a sigh of relief, not so fast. Medicare will still requires a valid ICD-10 code on all claims. The offered grace lies not in the length of the code you submit. If the previous ICD-9 code only required 5 fields and the new ICD-10 code requires 7 characters; you must submit a code with 7 characters, as in a valid ICD-10 code that requires 7 characters. Medicare’s grace lies in using an unspecified code. You won’t receive a denied claim because you used an unspecified code when a more specific code is available. But come October 1 of 2016, unspecified codes will be a no-no, when more specificity exists. Keep in mind that if there is already a coverage determination by Medicare’s NCDs and LCDs, an ICD-10 code with specificity will yet be required.

The good news is our cloud-based EHR system has been ICD-10 ready since fall of 2013, and that means our technicians have had over 2 years to test and re-test our claims scrubbing program against the idiosyncrasies of 1000’s of commercial payers’ policies. Our claims scrubbing program and integrated clearinghouse advantages mean a smooth transition for you.

Our EHR system offers a crosswalk for easy equivalency mapping from ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes. With our EHR system you won’t have to lie awake nights worrying about the ICD-10 transition and its effects on your revenue. Naturally, we’ll continue supporting ICD-9 claims until the very last payer has migrated to ICD-10 exclusively. Plus, as a certified 2014 stage 2 EHR, our system is also SNOMED ready.

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  • Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Interface with Patient Portal
  • Pre-loaded with Templates and Findings Specific to Your Medical Specialty
  • Stage 2 Meaningful Use Certified, and ICD-10 Ready
  • HL7, HIPAA, CCHIT Certified
  • e-Prescribing - Surescripts Quality Award Recipient for 3 Consecutive Years
  • JD Power and Assoc. Award Winning Customer Support
  • Built-in Labs Interface
  • Built-in Coding Auditor
  • iPad & Tablet Compatible
  • Quick, seamless implementation
  • 24/7 Web-Based Access
  • Seamlessly Bridges with Most Hospital EHR Systems