The ClaimsWorks Difference

ClaimsWorks brings you a complete revenue cycle management approach that includes a full suite of services.  The following offerings set us apart from our competitors and serve to give you the advantage in managing your entire practice from A to Z.

  • Receive claims payments in as little as 2-3 days:  Our state-of-the-art clearinghouse ensures fast claims reimbursements
  • Reduce co-insurance payment losses with Patients Accounts Receivables Service
  • Increase cash flow and bottom line revenue
  • Meet HIPAA compliance with our CompliancyGuard Service
  • Market and grow your practice with our Reputation Management Service
  • Increase front office efficiency with our EHR system
  • Prevent prescription errors with our e-prescribe feature on our EHR  system
  • Avoid costly software upgrade fees and server maintenance costs with our EHR  and Medical Billing Service
  • Easily acquire coding services by or certified coders with AuditGuard Service
  • Integrate with hospitals and laboratories
  • Go fully paperless with our IDOCsNow Service and eliminate paper charts storage space and costs
  • Receive free customer support which has been rated # 1 by JD Power
  • Bring claims rejection rates to as low as 2%
  • Device Compatibility – Ipad and Tablet optimized
  • Credentialing Services – You can easily acquire our credentialing services for current and additional payers if you desire.
  • Medical Insurance Eligibility Verification – You can reduce verification errors by checking (real-time) the eligibility and benefits, co-pay, co-insurance, and deductibles of a patient’s insurance
  • You will love our time saving “Create Chart” button that pulls patient data directly from the insurance company/payer databanks, thereby eliminating typographical errors that can lead to rejected claims.  Eliminate data errors while creating charts on patient information that the insurance company already has
  • ICD-10 Crosswalk for equivalency mapping
  • Cloud-Based EHR and Medical Billing Data access – Secure, Certified, Compatible, and HIPAA compliant which you can access anytime, anywhere through the internet
  • Easy Charting Feature in our EHR – You’ll use a Traditional SOAP format.  Average charting time is 90 seconds to 2 minutes utilizing voice recognition software
  • Unlimited User Feature – Your office staff and other non-provider users can access data with as many users as you desire.  Our unlimited non-provider user feature comes with no extra charges for setup, support, maintenance, software updates, or training costs
  • Proactive systematic approach to safeguarding compliance and audit readiness which prevents you from incurring costly fines and time lost in dealing with audits with our AuditGuard Service

Hand-holding during Implementation – You will never be on your own after signing on with ClaimsWorks.  We provide a step by step systematic guided approach including a chronological timeline with suggested task-completion deadlines for stages of conversion and “Go to Meeting” training demos from the experts at support.

If you would like to receive a FREE Practice Analysis, contact us today.